Since 2013, I have tutored over 50 students. Some briefly before a trip to France or a job interview and others that I am still currently tutoring!

I am very happy to say that I have created amazing relationships with my students. A few of them even came to visit me and my family in Southern France. 

• Kristin, Fairfax VA

“Julia is a fantastic French tutor. My daughter and I took lessons with her to prepare for a trip to Paris. She did a wonderful job teaching both a child and an adult. She ensured we were taught critical vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation for our overall understanding of French. However, she also developed a lesson plan specifically to meet our needs, which were centered on travel. She is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her!”


• Catherine, New York City

“Julia is an excellent teacher. My 12-year-old and I have been taking weekly french lessons with Julia for more than a year via Skype. She is unfailingly pleasant, well prepared and extraordinarily patient. My daughter and I had enough French that while in France May 2016 we were able to communicate successfully with all the wonderful people we met there. Julia is a truly gifted teacher. I strongly recommend her.”

• Mike, Alexandria VA

“Julia is the BEST French teacher EVER, I highly highly highly recommend her to anybody who wants to learn French. I have taken French lessons before with several other teachers previously but I never stuck with it because I would always get bored and lose interest, but with Julia she made the French lessons a lot of FUN and I think that was why the lessons turned out to be so successful for me this time. I really think the key for any teacher to be successful is to make the learning FUN for the students, this is very important and Julia is good at it. I have never been able to make much progress at all with learning any foreign languages with any other teachers ever before in the past but after about 3-4 months of lessons with Julia I can now actually speak enough French to carry on real conversations with French people. It is absolutely amazing to me, in fact, it is pretty much a miracle, I am in my 30’s and I have NEVER been able to speak ANY foreign languages before EVER in my life, and now because of Julia I can speak French at an intermediate level. Not only did Julia teach me how to speak French but she also taught me a LOT about French culture throughout all of our lessons, this was really important to me because the whole point of my lessons was to prepare for a summer vacation to France. “

• Jane, McLean VA

“My sessions with Julia Girard-Gervois were delightful. My need is for correction of (numerous) mistakes in conversational french and she was very helpful in this regard. I look forward to continuing my studies with her and continuing to improve.’’

• Sean, Arlington VA

“I have been taking lessons with Julia for one year. I started out knowing nothing and now I can carry a conversation in French. She is very good at taking the time to correct your mistakes and help you learn the accents. I am very pleased with the progress I have made and would recommend her to anyone.”

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