juliaBonjour !

I’m Julia, French Expat, living in the D.C area since 2012.

Tutoring French was my full-time job for 5 years until I launch my tour company TripUSAFrance and became a tour guide in south of France (my home region) during the summer. I now teach part-time, online and also in-person in the D.C. area.

During my free time, I enjoy wineries, reading, hiking and most of all traveling. Caring, patient and organized, teaching French is for me a passion. I love to share my language and culture and help people expand their knowledge. I would characterize myself as a “people person”.

I believe that speaking different languages is an amazing skill that is accessible to everyone. The key is to have a good time while learning, speaking as much as possible in French -try to ban the English from our minds- and reviewing the lessons often enough to make progress.

It is very rewarding to be able to converse in a foreign language, think about the fact that you will be able to talk with the local French people in France or Canadians in Quebec and many other Francophiles all around the world. I myself learned English as a second language and find joy in being able to converse with English speakers. Speaking multiple languages opens your mind in a very positive way!

I am also very competent with kids. I did a lot of babysitting and tutoring back in France while I was in college and I tutored many kids starting at age 3! My method with kids is very different from adults. I use games, songs, videos, stories, drawing, crafting or anything that will keep the kids’ mind busy. Again the key is to have a good time and this is even more true for children because they don’t understand yet the benefits of knowing a foreign language. I also try to speak only in French to speed up the process. Groups are great, home school kids, siblings, neighbors… The more the merrier! -well no more than 6 kids per class-

C’est parti, apprenons le français !

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